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Your own communication department.

Social networks

What can we say... you just have to think what do you do every day while you are waiting for the bus, preparing your morning coffee... You can (and you should) be in the palm of many people now. We can also design sales and promotion campaigns in the channels that best suit your audience.

Press office

Relationship with the media is always a part of a communication campaign. We take care of it and select the most suitable moments for a great offline impact of your project.


A corporate video? A video interview? The presentation of your project? A summary of your event? With new communication channels, the video has finally killed the radio star. In a more formal or more innovative format, we give you multiplatform audiovisual solutions.

Web development

From the idea to the screens. After analyse your case and listen how you would like to be seen on the web, we design your website for what you want to get from it. From a landing page to an e-commerce portal.

Design & ilustration

What do you want to express? Despite you can’t judge a book by its cover and love is blind, anyone can fall in love at first sight. We think, design and update your brand to find your soul mate.


It is clear that we are in the visual era. If you want to take care of your image you need photos that define you as you want, to use them by yourself or to avoid that when anyone needs them they take the first image in Google.

Social media

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Getting followers on Facebook is possible with content marketing actions and SSM (Social Media Marketing). We have a self-developed system for capturing real twitter followers. Get more followers for your company profile. If you want your company to have a proper display on Google Plus, we can unify your pages in Google Local and Google Bussines. If your specialty is fashion, we can make visible on Pinterest or Instagram. If you have a restaurant or bar, we monitor your presence and online reputation on Yelp and Foursquare. If you are a hotel or restaurant manage your online reputation on Tripadvisor.